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Feb 282011

Hi All,

Due to the ongoing virus outbreak at Rockwood, we will meet again at  at St. Peter’s Church on Freya.  This will be our first practice session for the March 29 performance and sing-along at Rockwood.

We will meet at the usual time, from 1 PM to 2 PM on Tuesday, March 1.  Please bring a bottle of water with you.


St. Peter’s Church is on Freya between 18th and 20th Avenues.   If coming from I-90, the easiest way might be to take exit 283B and go up Thor past the Fred Meyer.  Thor curves and becomes Ray.  Take Ray to the traffic light at 17th Avenue and turn left.  Take 17th to Freya and turn right. Turn right into the first driveway after 18th Avenue.

Parking lot is right there.  Go in main church doors and you will be directed to the room.

If coming from Southeast or Regal or 29th, you can either take Ray down to 17th Avenue and turn right or take 29th to Freya and turn left.  If going down Freya from 29th, turn left into the first driveway after 20th Avenue.

Hope you can make it!

Walt J.

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